Company Profile

Tyrec Ltd. is the leading tire recycling company in Israel. The company was established in 2007 following Israeli government legislation regarding tire recycling.

Tyrec's product range varies from different sizes of GTR (ground tire rubber) granules and powder for various applications and markets. In addition, we produce a range of rubber tiles and products for road maintenance and traffic safety.

Tyrec is committed to continuity, quality, reliability and innovation. We are constantly adopting modern technologies to develop new products and processes to meet customers’ needs.

Our manufacturing plant is based on a fully automated tire recycling line. The product line includes impact-absorbing tiles compliant with international standards. Tyrec’s manufacturing processes are certified and comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Tyrec handles :

  • Tire collection services from more than 600 garages and tire shops across the country
  • Manufacturing GTR granules and powder
  • Manufacturing recycled rubber products

Since the company’s founding, Tyrec has collected and processed over 100,000 tons of waste tires, which represents some 50% of the total amount of waste tires in Israel.

Tyrec is a privately held company owned by a small group of investors. It is located in the north of Israel.

We're commited to environmental responsibility